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About Our Shelter

Established in 1967 and celebrating over 50 years of service, the Central Nebraska Humane Society is still located at the original site donated by Herbert and Barbara Glover. CNHS is the largest nonprofit 501(c) (3) animal welfare organization in a lead role in central Nebraska. CNHS is governed by a Board of Directors whose members establish the policies, operation guidelines, strategic planning and fundraising for the organization.

All donations and financial support goes directly to impacting the lives of animals in a positive way. Much of the funding CNHS needs to care for animals comes from the generous support of local donations. Funding from the relationship with local city government only covers the work of Animal Control. Currently, the CNHS staff is developing new programs including comprehensive animal foster care and dog training programs as well as revamping its volunteer program. Development of these new programs would not occur without the generous financial support of area donors. To date, CNHS has adopted to over 70 counties in Nebraska and over 30 states.

Your Donations Go a Long Way

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on donations to run the shelter and care for the animals that need homes. Small or large we appreciate your donation.

Provides our animals with
toys and treats

Pays for critical vaccines

Assists with after-hours
medical emergency care

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What We Do

The purpose of the Central Nebraska Humane Society is to promote the adoption of rescued, abandoned, abused or neglected animals into safe, lifelong homes.

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We provide and house the Animal Control Authority for Grand Island
Animal abuse and neglect complaints investigation City Code: Click to view

From Facebook

Scuba found his match and went home today. ...

Scuba found his match and went home today.

Comment on Facebook

Congratulations Scuba ! You’re so cute ! Thank you for adopting !

Danielle Benson did you get a doggie??❤❤

Eeyore found his special someone today. ❤️🐱 ...

Eeyore found his special someone today. ❤️🐱

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Jesse Castaneda

Nicole Perez

What a sweet baby! Pretty markings!.Happy days ahead.

Pretty cat! ❤🐾

I am so happy for both of you💕

Eeyore is so pretty ! Enjoy him ! Thank you for adopting !

Stray-Awaiting claim at CNHS ...

Stray-Awaiting claim at CNHS

Injured Stray awaiting claim, declawed Cat ...

Injured Stray awaiting claim, declawed Cat

Comment on Facebook

Poor baby!

This makes me so sad 🙁

Poor baby. He needs help.

Poor thing, it looks terrible, It looks like it’s been in its own awhile from this picture

So thin! But no, already have 3 cats.

Oh, this poor baby !



Poor baby 🙁

What area of town was this cat found in?

Poor little kitty! It deserves a really good home.

Aww I wish I could help this little one

If it hadn't been declawed it would have been able to defend itself. But at least your furniture is ok. 🙄


Does it need immediate vet care?

Poor thing. Thank you so much for taking care of it.

Take care of that baby

I hope it’s not just sitting there in pain. Hopefully a vet has seen him/her.

I hope it has been checked by a vet!! This poor baby is emaciated 🥺 It needs fluids. I pray you guys are helping this poor baby while waiting for someone to claim it—which I doubt will happen since he/she looks like it’s been dumped and on its own for awhile. So sad. If anything... he/she needs medical help now.

Whoever declawed that kitten and then put it outdoors to survive should never own another animal for the rest of their life! Hope this kitty has a loving home in his/her future! 😥😥😥

So sad

Poor baby

Has the cat been treated? It looks like it needs to be seen by a vet.

Hopefully getting the medical attention it needs!

Stray-Awaiting claim at CNHS ...

Stray-Awaiting claim at CNHS
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Become a Foster

Become a Foster

We have limited space here at the shelter and unfortunately, we are running out! Help us increase our capacity by becoming a temporary home for a shelter pet! We are especially in need of DOG FOSTERS. If you would be willing to open your home to a doggy in need,...

Animal Control

Animal Control

We provide and house the Animal Control Authority for Grand Island animal abuse and neglect complaints investigation. VIEW: Grand Island City Code Where is Animal Control located? Animal Control is housed within the Central Nebraska Humane Society at 1312 Sky Park...

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